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Although seemingly in the middle of a cold winter, the Sanderson Boatlifts Team is working hard to hit the ground running when the season turns. As we prepare for warmer weather in a few short months, we are stocking up on new and used inventory, scheduling lift and dock installations, and running maintenance in shop. If you are needing to upgrade your lake equipment, please contact us now to take advantage of off-season pricing while supplies last. Stay tuned in the coming days and weeks for some new and exciting products!

Contact Mark at 260-341-5096 for inquires. 

CUSTOMIZABLE Atlas Boat Lifts 
  • Maintenance

  • Boat Lift Installation and Removal

  • Canopy Vinyl Installation and Removal

  • Storm Damage Repairs

  • Lift Reconfiguration

  • Cable Replacements

  • Transportation of Parts and Objects

  • Installation of Solar Panels and Motors

  • Installation of Other Accessories


  • Customizable Atlas Boat Lifts

  • ​5000 lb Hydraulic ​Lifts

  • 6000 lb Hydraulic ​Lifts

  • 7000 lb Hydraulic ​Lifts

  • 5000 lb Classic Cable Lifts

  • New and used Lift Inventory 

  • Lift Accessories

  • Canopy Frames

  • Canopy Vinyl


Featured Inventory

Explore Available Inventory Here
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