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Your Atlas Boatlift

Customize your Atlas Boat Lift to best fit your lake life needs. Pick and choose from an array of options to enhance your lift and make your boat docking safer, secure, and easy.  

Drop Rails

Drop rails allow for easy access and departure from your boat. The boat lift rail will be dropped down on the side by your dock to allow people to easily step from the boat to the dock.

Guide Rails and Posts

Easily park and depart your boat with guide rails or posts. These products guide your boat on and off the lift smoothly, even on the windiest of days. 

Extra Bunk Set

Customize with extra bunk sets to meet your pontoon and tritoon needs. 

Canopy Frame

Attach a canopy frame to your lift to protect your boat from the sun and other elements throughout the year. Canopy frames come in multiple sizes to cover the length of your boat. 

Canopy Vinyl Cover

Choose your canopy cover material and color to match your boat... or whatever your wife likes. 

Leg Extensions 

Located in deep water? Have a muck bottom that sinks in? Leg extension additions can help set your lift at your desired height. 

Lift Motor

Set your lift up or down with a click of a button or wireless remote. No more cranking the wheel!

Solar Panel

Use solar panels to reliably and consistently charge your boat lift motor. Cutting costs in the long run while using renewable energy. 

Batteries and Tray

Easily run your lift motor with battery power. Place the batteries in the tray for safe and secure keeping. 

Custom Inquiries

Contact Mark to start customizing your boat lift today!

(260) 341-5096

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